About us

Poffertjes are tiny pancakes, made on a copper plate /oven. It has a history that dates back to the 18th century, the times of Napoleon. His army went north, stole the wheat from the Dutch farmers. The Catholics had to find a substitution for baking host’s, they found buckwheat. That’s how it all started. Poffertjes are for Dutch people comparable with hamburgers for the Americans, fish and chips for the English. Every grandmother in the Netherlands is supposed to bake them when her grandchildren come to visit her.

Poffertjeskraam the Eleventh Elf bakes little dutch pancakes in the traditional way on location for both businesses ( B2B ) and private clients ( H2H ) . Our mobile pancakefabrication-unit concept gives us the ability to stand at any location with gas or electric-furnaces, large or small stall/stands . Take a look at our website to discover for yourself the amazing range off possibilities ! Take a look at our facebook-account, like us, it would make us happy to enlarge our poffertjes-loving fanclub. If you would like to use pictures from our site let us know. You can also find us on Pinterest

poffertjes stand netherlands

We as a family-business are working in the pancakesindustry since 1888. Our goal is to maintain the ancient craftsmanship by offering this beautiful old-Dutch quality-product . All fair-trade, a little piece off dutch tradition and glorious history – the golden ages. All this in a unique, original sound atmosphere surrounded concept. Do you like our concept ? Maybe it’s worth considering to start your own poffertjesbusiness in your homecountry or state. It’s possible to learn the trade/ craft in a 4 week-trainingsession. Interested ? contact us ! We’re also exporting the copper-plate-furnaces. Prices available on demand. We are commonly known as ” the pancakes specialist ” in the Netherlands but we also offer other catering services . Everything we offer is of the highest possible level. We only use the best, fresh ingredients, fair-trade products. Our disposables are enviroment-friendly. Go for quality? If we don’t control the product and skills for the full 100% we won’t offer them to you. You deserve 100% quality, nothing less! We train our employees all the time untill every skill that is usefull in the cateringbusiness is common knowledge in our team.